The Story of the Light, Day No. 1

1/365: Spider Plant Shadowcaptured in the master bath

Most days, my cameras sit idle, and I feel bad for them. My Olympus E-5 was a Christmas gift from husband, and the two of us (the E-5 and me) have had some good times together. But I get busy, and my expectations get too high. Suddenly, no image I create is worthy of being seen by anyone but me.

Today is the day I say Piffle! Today is the day I pick up my camera again and record the light in my life. As simple as that: one camera, one lens, gratitude and acceptance.

"But reason, instead, is opened wide to reality, it takes it all in, noting its connections and its implications." —Monsignor J. Francis Stafford in the introduction to The Religious Sense by Monsignor Luigi Giussani

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