One Foot Then the Other

One Step at a Time

After a long, drawn-out living room renovation down to the studs (which needs just a little, tippy-tap, almost-there, more work), my family and I are the proud owners of a used pool table that sports beautiful Tournament Blue felt. We’ve owned this lovely nine-footer for four weeks now, and it has seen plenty of play.

I chalk up my cue at least three or four times a day, but generally not to compete against my husband or one of my kids. I like to just have a go at those solids and stripes on my own. Not only do I avoid feeling pressured to win, I feel free to take my time and experiment, assess, and analyze. I’m taking the same approach with my photography. I can’t remember the last time I posted to Instagram, and the only reason I put any images up on Flickr is to feel like I’m doing something with some of them.

I seldom look at any other photos posted there, and I dread receiving comments on my work, no matter how enthusiastic. I’ve played the comment-to-get-comments and favorite-to-get-favorite games. Now, I just want to explore and learn, experiment, assess, and analyze—at my own pace.

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