Time to Adjust

Apple Blossom Time of Year

More than a month has passed since I finished my 365-day, Story of the Light project. I shan’t be embarking upon a new daily endeavor anytime soon. I’m enjoying the breathing room too much to give it up. Looking at the folders on my computer, I see that there have been only four days since May 22nd in which I have not picked up one of my cameras. In fact, I’ve been shooting quite a bit since then, putting my Olympus E-5, my Olympus OM-D E-M1, and my Pentax K-1 through their paces. I’m learning to appreciate the strengths of each, and I’m loving the luxury of being able to choose the best machine for the job. Most of all, though, I’m reveling in being able to download a day’s worth of images and then walk away. I do not miss the pressure of picking the day’s best shot, processing it, and getting it posted. Now, every few days, I review a folder or two, deleting the photos that really aren’t worth keeping and editing those I’d like to share.

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