The Story of the Light, Day No. 74

74/365: Mid-century Musings

Today's art journaling took me in directions I could not have seen when I started. This is an in-camera, four-exposure image (with intentional camera movement) of leftover gift wrap I cut circles out of. I had every intention of using the circles on today's page, but now I have them for future use.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 73

73/365: Money Kitchen

My kids are such fans of Alton Brown's "Cutthroat Kitchen," they've created their own version, which they call "Money Kitchen." Stella talked me into playing with her today. After two rounds, Judge Jack declared the competition a tie.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 71

71/365: Old and New

My sister gave me the beads for Christmas a few years ago. The cup and saucer are one set of four that my mother purchased long before I was born.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 66

66/365: Four Little Ones

These four baby Eastern Phoebes are growing up on what's left of the back porch. I imagine they'll be out making their way in the world by the day after tomorrow. While I have them, though, I'll be enjoying the way they look at me with derision.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 65

65/365: Claim Check Composite

Every now and again, I switch my camera to multiple exposure mode (usually four frames) and see what I come up with. This is a multiple exposure shot of one of my mixed media pieces (which can be seen straight up here). I added a different multiple exposure shot of the same artwork and blended them in Photoshop. I then masked off much of the second shot.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 63

63/365: Mom's Old Jewelry

This copper vessel full of my mom's old jewelry has been sitting in my studio for days, because I used a lone earring and the clasp from a broken necklace in a recent mixed media painting. I like the way the pearls hold onto the light.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 60

60/365: Beads and Thread

I stitched this up today so I could incorporate it into a mixed media piece I'm working on. Many of the beads come from jewelry I inherited from my mother, and the fabric is an old napkin she may have received in a set as a wedding gift.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 59

59/365: Transparency

Bees, butterflies, birds, moths, squirrels, chipmunks, and toads: they all fascinate me, so I scatter birdseed and try to fill my yard with flowers.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 58

58/365: Light Cerulean Blue

I've started sketching/doodling with only one color. It makes for some interesting results and has taught me a thing or two.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 57

57/365: My Cup of Tea

Every afternoon, when possible: a cup of tea and a book or two. A little nibble of something sweet is generally appreciated.

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