The Story of the Light, No. 52

52/365 Can It

My daughter mixed up a frappuccino or two today, and the cleaned-out can that held the sweetened condensed milk caught my eye.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 47

47/365: Titanium White

Coming to the end of an art supply generally doesn't bother me. It means I've been spending time with my creative side.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 44

44/365: murasaki-shikibu

I hadn't used my Lamy fountain pen in a few months, so when I reached for it today, I was not terribly surprised that it offered me only about a paragraph's worth of words before needing a refill.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 43

43/365: Little Women

I read Louisa May Alcott's Little Women a few years ago and enjoyed it so much more than the abridged version I got my hands on in high school.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 42

42/365: The Roses in My Garden

A few years ago, I decided I'd like to have a rose bush for every year we've lived in our house. Today, I bought two more bushes, so I'm up to nine, but we've lived here eleven years. I have some catching up to do. The bush that produced these beautiful roses was a gift from friends.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 41

41/365: Foxgloves in Pink

I bought this foxglove plant the year I spent creating photos inspired by poetry. It's doing very well out front, and I smile with satisfaction whenever its pretty pink flowers catch my eye.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 40

40/365: After We Played

Stella and I played Travel Blokus this afternoon. I beat her handily, but more than just strategy, it had to do with the fact that a few of my orange pieces were missing, while only one of her purples were. After the game, we matched things up to see what was missing. I guess I'll have to do a little searching so we might even the score next time.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 38

38/365: Small Package

This is the camera I bought my husband for his birthday. It's an Olympus Air A01, designed to be used with a smart phone. So far, so good.

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