The Story of the Light, Day No. 66

66/365: Four Little Ones

These four baby Eastern Phoebes are growing up on what's left of the back porch. I imagine they'll be out making their way in the world by the day after tomorrow. While I have them, though, I'll be enjoying the way they look at me with derision.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 65

65/365: Claim Check Composite

Every now and again, I switch my camera to multiple exposure mode (usually four frames) and see what I come up with. This is a multiple exposure shot of one of my mixed media pieces (which can be seen straight up here). I added a different multiple exposure shot of the same artwork and blended them in Photoshop. I then masked off much of the second shot.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 63

63/365: Mom's Old Jewelry

This copper vessel full of my mom's old jewelry has been sitting in my studio for days, because I used a lone earring and the clasp from a broken necklace in a recent mixed media painting. I like the way the pearls hold onto the light.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 60

60/365: Beads and Thread

I stitched this up today so I could incorporate it into a mixed media piece I'm working on. Many of the beads come from jewelry I inherited from my mother, and the fabric is an old napkin she may have received in a set as a wedding gift.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 59

59/365: Transparency

Bees, butterflies, birds, moths, squirrels, chipmunks, and toads: they all fascinate me, so I scatter birdseed and try to fill my yard with flowers.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 58

58/365: Light Cerulean Blue

I've started sketching/doodling with only one color. It makes for some interesting results and has taught me a thing or two.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 57

57/365: My Cup of Tea

Every afternoon, when possible: a cup of tea and a book or two. A little nibble of something sweet is generally appreciated.

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The Story of the Light, No. 52

52/365 Can It

My daughter mixed up a frappuccino or two today, and the cleaned-out can that held the sweetened condensed milk caught my eye.

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The Story of the Light, Day No. 47

47/365: Titanium White

Coming to the end of an art supply generally doesn't bother me. It means I've been spending time with my creative side.

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